Uploaded clips featuring V30 Impulse

Posted on Oct 6, 2014
Owner's Notes
Channel 2+3, Ibanez Jem with Breeds on channel 2, Les Paul with Arcane Triple Clones on 3.
Torpedo Live with Ownhammer V30 IR.
Posted on Oct 6, 2014
Owner's Notes
Randall 667 into Torpedo Live. Ownhammer IR's of V30 Speakers. Channel 2+3 of the Randall.
Posted on Aug 3, 2014
Owner's Notes
Hagen into Two notes torpedo.
Posted on Jun 14, 2014
Owner's Notes
In context with drums and bass. Diezel VH4 and Diezel Hagen Ch. 3 on both
Posted on Jun 13, 2014
Owner's Notes
No description available.
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