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Posted on Oct 23, 2011
Owner's Notes
Just a tone demo. Amp was 1 foot from the mic, on center. Probably should have been off center to get better bass.
Posted on Oct 21, 2011
Owner's Notes
Epiphone Les Paul with paf style pickups (Seymour Duncan 59).

Amp set to gain 0.75, volume of 10 (Playing it Loud for some power tube distortion - half of the distortion is power tube). EQ / ISF = UK, with slightly less treble due to volume. This amp screams at low volumes, but cranked, it really sings!

I sometimes use a clean boost to add clean gain without touching knobs. Or was my intent, but it looks like I used a setting with clean boost + a tiny bit of pedal overdrive. In anycase, it's pretty obvious when I do - it goes to a much higher gain level and is pretty much at the limit of what the microphone could take. Using the stock speaker.

The HT-5 has a ton of pre-amp gain on tap. The point of this recording was to record a lightly overdriven type Marshall Crunch like AC/DC, Zeppelin live, etc.

bridge vol = 10, neck vol = 8
Posted on Oct 21, 2011
Owner's Notes
This is a simple classic rock tone.
Clean channel, volume 8/10, tone 10/10, with a danelectro fish n Chips EQ up front for a slight (subtle) treble boost effect.

Using an ES-335 style guitar with high output bridge humbucker.13 gauge strings in standard tuning.

The sound is basically classic rock, mostly pre-amp distortion, with a little bit of power amp sizzle.

This basically proves you can get some medium-low gain sounds out of the clean channel. It didn't really need a booster, but I liked the gainer sound with it (a hair more grit) and the treble boost helped my 335 imitate the strat / tele sound used on the original.
Posted on Oct 11, 2011
Owner's Notes
Most of this is at bedroom / nightime whisper volume, rarely gets even "practice" level loud). Using a Digitech RP pedal to tame the volume on most of this, with the exception of about 1:20-2:45 I think. The amp on 0 is louder than thru my pedal with the amp set to 6 or 10. Open back 1x12 and a set of Seymour Duncan 59s.
Posted on Sep 10, 2011
Owner's Notes
This is demo of the clean channel of my Marshall MA. It's really bright, but tameable - so the eq here is everything at 9 am (mids are really bright too). The guitar I'm using is maple neck + alder body + floyd , so it's sort of a really really bright guitar in the first place.

The clean channel sounds amazing, and is easy to get a good sound out of. Sounds good boosted, and even better with a stronger boost than what I had here (good enough for chords, but not enough for single notes and riffs). Boost is a digitech RP with amp model off ('direct') but volume set high and a touch of chorus - in essence, its almost a clean boost.

Without any boost, the amp stays 100% clean with single coils up to at least noon on the volume. Humbuckers will give it a hint of OD at almost anyvolume, depending on pick attack.
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