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Posted on May 21, 2012
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Just a bit of bluesy wankery on top of a backing track I have. I threw this together to give a guy on Gearslutz an idea of how the i5 sounds on guitar cabs--pecifically bluesy guitar with a strat. So I went through all three channels changed between neck and bridge pickups and threw the wah on here and there.
Posted on Jan 18, 2011
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I thought I'd try some Santana just for fun.
It's just one guitar track with my guitar straight into the amp. I added a little bit of reverb in Logic
I did vocals with an MXL 990 (very cheap) so the quality's nothing remarkable but I think they turned out alright.
Posted on Oct 22, 2010
Owner's Notes
For HCAF amp dynamics thread.
Posted on Jul 24, 2010
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Just a demo of a song I've been working on.
Posted on Jul 18, 2009
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One last cover to demo my SEL. This is just a really quick/sloppy go at
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