Uploaded clips featuring Eric Hellstyle

Posted on Dec 12, 2011
Owner's Notes
quickly recorded for my drummer
mic was off axis so it's quite muffled

1973 les paul custom + riff raff/the mule -> jerry cantrell crybaby-> ibanez ts9dx
1973 marshall jmp 50w + mods -> cheap 1x12 + mesa black shadow c90 speaker
cheap SM57 clone -> M-Audio fast track USB
Posted on Sep 7, 2010
Owner's Notes
1973 Les Paul Custom through *mysterious* modded 1973 Marshall JMP

a bit muffled and missing a couple notes
I'll try to record this again soon ;)
Posted on Aug 19, 2010
Owner's Notes
'81 Les Paul (maple neck) with stock pickups through my custom Zambelli Hyperdrive

Presence and treble were rolled off, so it's a bit muffled
Master volume was at 0.4 (and that was LOUD)
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