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Posted on Sep 29, 2010
Owner's Notes
Suhr Riot into clean channel of Mesa F-30 1x12 combo. Voice switch to the left, Distortion 2:00, Tone 3:00, Level 1:00 (o'clock). Tone controls on the F-30 flat - volume about 9:00.
Double tracked, panned 75% L/R.
Posted on Jan 22, 2010
Owner's Notes
Just a quick clip of the Marshall JCM800 2203. Gain dimed, Master around 3.5, Treble=4 presence=3 Mids=7 Bass=4. Boosted with a BOSS SD1 - Level dimed, drive just above zero, tone just below noon.
Posted on Sep 5, 2009
Owner's Notes
Stone Temple Pilots song "Sex Type Thing" using the F-30. Double tracked and panned 70% each side. No boost or outboard gear. Drums and bass played by my band. No vocals yet.
Posted on Jun 9, 2009
Owner's Notes
Cover of Stone Temple Pilots "Vasoline" using the Mesa Mark III and Suhr Standard guitar. No boosts or outboard FX. Excuse the crap vocals, I just wanted to give it a shot.
Posted on Feb 15, 2009
Owner's Notes
Rivera K-Tre lead over a RedAnt backing track. First part of the lead is the Suhr DSH humbucker and second part switches to the Suhr V60 neck single coil. All leads are the K-Tre, no boost or external effects used. Gain was set on 4 and master on 3.
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