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Posted on Feb 17, 2012
Owner's Notes
Demoing an original tune with a guitar I got last week. Composed this pretty fast so it's a work in progress.

AD for drums.
TC Electronic Desktop Konnekt 6 as interface.
Posted on Aug 8, 2011
Owner's Notes
Original song's Reckoning by Killswitch Engage

Full song this time, reamped previously recorded DIs with Desktop Konnekt 6.

Signal chain:
Reaper 4 -> Desktop Konnekt 6 -> Boss NS-2 -> Excalibur TS -> Triamp MK1 -> 1960B with T75s&V30s Xpattern (V30 mic'd) -> SM57 and SM7B -> Desktop Konnekt 6 -> Reaper 4

Drums are Addictive Drums
Bass is MIDI with some free VSTi
Posted on Jul 22, 2011
Owner's Notes
New mix, had some issues in the previous that I missed.

Posted on Jul 20, 2011
Owner's Notes
New take on the mix, tried Slates Digital FG-X

Any better than previous? :)
Posted on May 18, 2011
Owner's Notes
Original song's Wolf by Iced Earth

Not 1:1 with the original, had very little time to whoop this together... also all the parts arent 100% but, I think it's still recognizable xD Also, recorded in C#/Db standard since my guitars are setup in that tuning.

No EQ on the guitars other than hipass.

SSD EX for the drums and bass is MIDI.
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