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Posted on Nov 4, 2012
Owner's Notes
A sample of the new cabinet impulse we are releasing at Signals Audio.

Band is "Feared", which is the band of Ola Englund.
Posted on Jan 2, 2012
Owner's Notes
Mixed and re-amped this track from 'Endeavors'.
Used my Axe-FX and all new drum samples from Signals Audio : JayMac.


Make sure to check them out!
Posted on Aug 10, 2011
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Finished version of the rock song I posted a while back.
The band is called Modern Man.

Many different amps for guitars, Trilian for bass, Slate for drums.

Avg Rating: 9.4
by: taylor
Posted on Jul 4, 2011
Owner's Notes
Post-Rock song.

Steven Slate for drums, Trilian for bass, Axe-FX with many different patches for guitars, using impulses I helped create.

Avg Rating: 8
by: taylor
Posted on Jun 17, 2011
Owner's Notes

F#, FAS Modern patch, trilian bass, Steven Slate/SD2.0 drums.

Cab impulses were one's I helped create.

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