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Posted on Aug 4, 2008
Owner's Notes
here's the stereo clip for my youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qI6nByP68cQ)

nitro (tung-sol el34bs) --> splawn 412 (govs/mows)
quickrod (SED =C= el34bs) --> splawn 412 (govs/sb25)

nitro is panned 70% to the left, the QR panned 70% to the right.

Single SM57 aimed toward center of cab, two feet back to capture full x-patterned cab sound.

***for close mic'ing clips that better show bass and low end response, see my other recordings***
Posted on Jun 14, 2008
Owner's Notes
Nitro (70% to the right, 30% for leads)
Tung-Sol EL34Bs
OD1, gain at 2:00

Quickrod (70% to the left for rythym, 30% for leads)
OD2, gain at 3:10

both amps were in 50 watt mode, volume at 9:00. clean boosted with a Maxon OD-9

please forgive the shitty solo playing
Posted on Jun 13, 2008
Owner's Notes
Right - Nitro with no boost, gain at 3:00
Left- Nitro with gain at 2:00 and with OD-9 set as a clean boost

50 watt mode, OD1, volume at 9:00.
Tung-Sol EL34Bs in the power section.

please forgive the shitty solo playing.
Posted on Jun 9, 2008
Owner's Notes
Splawn Quickrod (panned hard left)
50 watt mode
SED Winged C EL34s
v1&2 - stock jj ecc83s
v3&4 - shuguang 9th gens
gain ~ 3:15 (new taper)
Gear 3

Splawn Nitro (panned hard right)
50 watt mode
Tung-Sol EL34Bs
v1&2 - stock jj ecc83s
v3&4 - shuguang 9th gens
gain ~ 2:00 (new taper)

Maxon OD-9 used a subtle clean boost (drive-off, tone-noon, level-1:00)
Posted on Feb 3, 2008
Owner's Notes
Splawn Nitro/Framus Cobra - End of Heartache

Each side has a Nitro track (100 watt mode, no boost, through a Splawn 412, eminence governor loaded) and a Cobra track (crunch channel boosted with a Maxon OD808, through the Diezel 412, v30 loaded), so 4 tracks in all. Then we've got some Cobra doing some doing lead overlays pretty much down the middle. The brief clean section was also on the Cobra. An ESP Horizon NT-II w/ Duncan Custom was used for all Nitro tracks + lead overlays and a Caparison Dellinger H/S/S in oiled mahogany, with the stock Caparison PH-R humbucker in the bridge was used for the Cobra tracks. Single 57s (straight on axis) per cab. No effects, post EQ, etc. Just raw tracks.
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